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IL: Privel Hinkati

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Privel Hinkati

INTERVIEW | Getting to Know Privel Hinkati

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Privel.

A typical day starts at 5:05am. I wake up and get ready, have breakfast and bike to my rowing training. I train during two hours and after I go to work attending meetings, doing individual work, and monitoring technology all day. Afterward, I go train again for about one hour before coming home and eating and going to bed early.

What (or who) inspired you to become involved in international affairs? What (or who) inspired you to become involved in athletics?

I don’t think that someone inspired me. I have always been interested in International Affairs. I like discovering different countries, people, cultures so it was “normal” to be in this domain.

My parents inspired me to become an athlete. They have already told me that it ‘s important to push yourself and that sports teach life values. It’s with these words that I grew up and I became an athlete.

What is the key to balancing your professional, athletic, and social commitments?

Oh it’s simple. Motivation and organization. That’s it ! You have to have a goal and be ready to make concessions in your life and be very organized to not fail.

What is the biggest mistake young professionals make, especially when pursuing a career in public service and foreign policy faced by people of color?

Just thinking that you are out of place due to your color. It’s the biggest mistake because if you are there, and you have to be there, it is not a mistake.

What advice or learned lesson would you give other young professionals who desire to work in foreign policy?

I think that the most important thing is to be diplomat with everyone because you may meet again in different circumstances and have to work together. Don’t ever count anybody out.

What’s been the best experience of your career thus far (or the most rewarding) ?

To be hired at the Embassy of France in the United States out of more of 400 hundred candidates.

What’s next for you in your career and what is your approach to reaching the next phase of your professional development ?

I’m let some time pass before thinking to my future but maybe I would like to create a startup. I’m working in the entrepreneurship domain too and I have a project so maybe it would be my next step in my career.

Lastly, what are three words to sum up Privel Hinkati.

Ambitious, Athlete, Thoughtful

How can people reach you on social media ?

On my personal website :

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