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What started in 2006 as a simple idea among five young professionals in a restaurant, blossomed into the leading group for emerging leaders inside the political beltway with a worldwide network of thousands.


The co-founders are:

Ryan Scott, Angela Rye, Adria Crutchfield, Joe Briggs, and Semhar Araia. Eight years later, the organization expanded; now, there are more than ten team members: directors, press secretary, deputy director, special projects managers, political research fellow, and a paid-staff assistant. We select five to seven interns each college semester.

Our mission is simple:

Engage young professionals of color, ages 18 to 40, within our core principles: economic empowerment, civic engagement, and political involvement to ensure we all become good global citizens, strengthen our communities, and continue to make a difference. #IMPACTYourWorld! IMPACT has done just that.

three core principles:

Focusing on “Economic Empowerment, Civic Engagement, and Political Involvement,” we provide exclusive opportunities for minorities between the ages of 18 and 40 by partnering with businesses, organizations, and high-powered leaders to host candidates’ forums, roundtable discussions, lecture series, workshops, and strategic networking events.

Why We’re Effective


IMPACT is guided by our three core principles: civic engagement, economic empowerment and political involvement.

Civic engagement activities identify and enable IMPACT leaders to utilize resources to ensure the preservation and advancement of our communities. Focusing on economic empowerment provides unique opportunities for IMPACT leaders to accumulate and preserve wealth while imparting the skills and experiences needed to enable others to do the same. Through political involvement, IMPACT facilitates and supports the engagement of our peers in politics, policy development, and advocacy.

How We Make An IMPACT


Meeting roughly two to three times a month, just about everything else is through email. “We live on the web,” says Sarah Misailidis, IMPACT’s Communication Director. “When someone has an idea, we run with it–online.”

On February 18, 2013, we expanded to the Big Apple–hosting our first networking event at the Red Rooster Harlem Restaurant with New York politicos and influencers. “By launching IMPACT in New York City, we will be able to connect young professionals in a busy and vital city where the movers and shakers walk among the crowd,” says Angela Rye, former Congressional Black Caucus Executive Director and IMPACT Co-founder/Director.

“From Capitol Hill to the New York State Assembly, can you imagine the access these young people will have?”

During the 2012 presidential election, we led two successful panel discussions at both Republican and Democratic National Committee Conventions. Recently, IMPACT hosted several events during Inauguration weekend including IMPACT’s Inaugural Jazz Brunch honoring 10 “Champions of Change,” and a MLK Day of Service memorial beautification event recognized by the former Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

IMPACT partners with the National Bar Association annually to honor 40 Lawyers Under 40 known for giving back to their community; the class is later recognized as the “Nation’s Best Advocates.” Each month, we highlight a young professional of color who is achieving great success professionally and philanthropically. During the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, we recognize the recognize all IMPACT Leaders and honor the IMPACT Leader of the Year at our annual red carpet affair “PREVIEW.”

What We Do

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We provide young professionals of color with the civic, economic, and political tools to IMPACT their communities the world.

IMPACT’s demographic includes corporate executives, legislative and policy professionals, nonprofit and community leaders, and elected officials. IMPACT partners with businesses, organizations, and leaders to host candidate forums, roundtable discussions, lecture series, workshops, and strategic networking events to support and empower emerging leaders and young professionals of color.